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The Collective

The Ragged Storytelling Collective was formed in 2020, working together to preview the first half of their show Binderella for Beyond The Border 2021. This was made possible due to support for the BtB New Voices mentorship scheme and the global pandemic which meant none of us had anything better to be doing. Receiving funding from the Welsh Arts Council Lottery Funded Create scheme in 2023 allowed the collective to complete developing the project with further help and Mentorship from Daniel Morden, Ollie Wilson-Dickson, Julie Murphey, production support from Kama Roberts and continued input and advice from BtB. The finished show premiered its first full performance at BtB in 2023 after being improved through our period of R&D and following that our second Arts Council Funding Bid was succesful, providing continued support towards production and touring in Wales.


Sunshine Edit.jpg

Heulwen Williams

Fiddle and vocals.


Kestrel Morton



Hazel Morton

Harmonium, Guitar/Mandolin and vocals.

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