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Once upon a time...

A child sat alone, looking out into darkness,

from out of that darkness came imagination,

the God from which all Gods are born,

and imagination came wearing a cloak of story,

and that story set fire to the darkness,

and there was light.


As a transient wanderer peering through the cracks and searching the rough edges of reality, I have found myself drawn, like all those before me, to that fire in the darkness.


I became a Professional Storyteller to share my passion for the ancient art of Storytelling, to pass on the old tales and to tell new ones to fit the strange times we live in today.

I have a wide and ever growing repertiore of traditional stories, myths, folk and wonder tales for all occasions and ages, as well as an expanding modern mythology that connect the threads of the past and bring them into the now and I'm skilled at workshop facilitation, for all ages, with a particular passion for teaching the daydreaming art of creating new stories, and reimagining the traditional.

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