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As a storyteller with a wide repertoire and an uncontrollable imagination, Kestrel is always creating, learning, dissecting, blending and reimagining stories to create fresh new performances. Below is a non-exhaustive list of available shows, please feel free to contact them to discuss booking, commissions or creative collaborations.

For Binderella see The Ragged Storytelling Collective

muddyfeet on black_edited.jpg


"Blood and bone - Ash, water, smoke and stone - Let love be more powerful than greed."

-45/60 minutes-
In a city built on the ruins of past mistakes - in a land locked in a pattern of creation and destruction - is there a way to cheat the fates and break the cycle? Is a better world possible?
Kestrel Morton spins a visionary spiderweb of dark nightmares - glittering with the diamond-dewdrops of hope.  A mythic recreation of a tale as old as time - Cinderella as you've never heard it before - Muddyfeet is a poetic epic, pitting dystopian future prophecies against the green shoots of change that seek to uplift and rewrite them.
A story from yesterday - told for tomorrow.

A stylised Sun-Mountain design

The Mountain of the Sun

"For each action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

-60/80 minutes-

A three-faced god and a golden feather, a whispering serpent and a monk's pilgrimage, a sheep stealer, a hooligan and a change of heart, all watched over by old Granny Chaos. Kestrel Morton weaves a stitch-tongued spell of language, enchanting all who hear it to follow its fantastical thread; into creation myths and wonder tales; through parables and into true stories; dancing on the sharp-knife edge between warnings and wonder in the wild world beyond the world.

Y Môr Hafren
Tales from the Severn Sea

"In the old times

before the Tlwyth Teg hid themselves from sight

and the dragons lay down to sleep beneath the cold stones

all things had spirits to watch over them."

-45/60 minutes-

The waters of the Severn sea whisper and roar, and on the voice of the waves come the tales sailing downstream - the many myths of Britain's longest river; from her birth in the hulking mountains of mid-Wales, as she's joined by her chorus of countless tributaries to at last bleed into the wide channel flowing away from our lonely island and out into the cold North Atlantic.


Join Kestrel Morton for a voyage where together we may listen to the whispering waters and hear the stories from the mouth of Y Môr Hafren - the Severn sea itself.

Kestrel in a tree


"Magic pots and shapeshifting tricksters, dreaming trees and immortal cities."

Available to fit any occasion, any length of time, with a wide variety of themes and characters, drawn from Welsh, British and European folklore, classic Greek and Norse mythology, a personal pantheon of modern Gods and much much more... Kestrel weaves tales spun from the silk string threads of the web of worlds, tales found on the tapestries of the spider sat at its heart, tales first spoken on the ancient tongue of old Granny Chaos herself.

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